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Legnaro, with Lizza, Lavaggiorosso, Dosso, Groppo, Montale, Vignana, Lerici, Pastine, Chiesanuova, Fontona, Fossato, and Ridarolo represents the group of frazioni of Levanto. Set amongst stunning scenery, in the leafy valley of Levanto, surrounded by vineyards and olive yards, neighbouring with Cinque Terre National Park, Legnaro is the perfect place for people wanting to relax in style, to enjoy the silences of nature and sight the last unpolluted strips of land of eastern ligurian coast. Located at 3 Km by the sea, Legnaro is in a strategic position to get to the nearby CINQUE TERRE in a few minutes, it is the ideal place to spend your holidays in a landscape where the sea and the hill play a leading role.


Levanto, the beautiful village just outside the Cinque Terre, stretches between sea and mountains giving, through the clash of colour between land and water, a natural sensation of beauty. Surrounded by hills of pine-trees, chestnut-trees, olive-trees and vineyards, Levanto embraces a wide gulf, made at first of rocks, then of beaches interrupted in the summertime by little bathing facilities: Levanto's sea is an immense natural gymnasium for all aquatic sports. But Levanto is not only summertime, thanks to its historic centre and to its paths, which connect it with the Cinque Terre, offers to tourists an unlimited season. The surrounding territory and the Cinque Terre paths are today Regional Park, that's why Levanto has kept its natural beauty, its ways and customs, its farming culture, that hasn't been modified by the man despite the evolution of the times. To art-lovers Levanto offers some important medieval buildings, typical streets in town with grotesque paintings, the medieval Loggia, ancient seamarket and great resource of the village, with a recently discovered and restored fresco of the year 1000. We suggest you visiting the Church with nave of S. Andrea, second town of the village, and a worked rose on the white murble façade from Carrara. then comes the imposing castle in strategic position. Levanto is one of the most beloved holiday destination of the Riviera of Levante.


It is a beautiful stretch of coastline inset with five tiny villages perched between the Mediterranean and a range of steep coastal hills that maintain the charm and character of Italian villages of the past: Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore. This zone is characterised by the presence of typical steep slopes cultivated with vines. The suggestive kind of coast falling sheer to the sea, with cliffs which are often vertical, alternated with small creeks and enchanting beaches among rocks, with depths rich in fish, make this territory a real Natural "work of art". Awarded by UNESCO the title of World Patrimony of Mankind, the Cinque Terre are a National Park and Protected Marine Environment. Monterosso al Mare, the westernmost of the Cinque Terre, is protected by hills covered with vineyards and olive groves and is surrounded by vegetation. Its beautiful beaches, steep rugged cliffs and crystal-clear waters, make this one of the most charming resorts on the Ligurian Riviera of the east. A path with breathtaking views winding along Mediterranean groves and partly deserted fields and vineyards, reaches its peak on the route leading to Vernazza. This village has a natural pier with a amphitheatre shape making it perhaps the most picturesque village of the Cinque Terre. Placed on the ridge of a rocky promontory at the foot of a terraced vineyard, with two exclusive small beaches at its sides, Corniglia is very similar architecturally to inland agricultural villages. The ancient village of Manarola, placed on a promontory of dark rock, is surrounded by vines. The very beautiful footpath called the Lovers' Pathway, "La Via dell'Amore" starts here: an easy to walk, paved path along the coast which connects Manarola to Riomaggiore. Riomaggiore is the easternmost of the Cinque Terre and is located in the narrow valley of the "rio Maior", along whose course the village was born. Though maintaining its fishing and agricultural roots, tourism has become very important to the economic life of the village over the last few decades, partly due to its easy access from La Spezia.

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